First Month Milestone

I’ve been working on Donkey Dash for nearly a month now and i have to say i’m happy with the progress i’m making, although progress is always quick at the beginning of any project because you can start anywhere running with no obstacles. The game has about 90 seconds worth of playable content at the moment. Which doesn’t sound like much but it isn’t all that bad. The world map is on its way to being complete. It’s just missing some 3d models and maybe some more tweaks and juicy animations here and there. I’ve also finished the base mechanics of the first three levels. Unlike my last two games, Donkey Dash is going to have a story with cutscenes because this is something people have asked for from my previous titles.

The game’s story is about a crazy cat lady who rides a donkey chasing after a muscle man who stole all her jewellery because he thinks diamonds are the best source of protein. The muscle man has a legion of animal ninjas and wizards to help protect him along the way. He also smells bad. The story begins with the man coming into the crazy cat lady’s house and stealing all her jewellery, you then chase after him around the island until the final conflict which happens at the peak of the islands volcano. Humour will play a big part in the game.



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