First Look at the World Map

I’ve finished most of the code i want for the world map. The game takes place on an island that has many different climates happening simultaneously in a very close range. I plan to have a different theme for each of the 10 stages. Ranging from snow to jungle to volcano to warehouse to desert. Nothing is going to be to scale on the island, the player character will be as big as houses/villages and trees and the mountain/volcano will probably only end up being two or three times bigger than the player etc. The game is going to have a very cartoon attitude about it, from models to colours to game concepts and storyline.

You can move around the island from node to node by swiping your finger left or right on the android device. Each level is represented by a small platform on the ground that lights up when the player moves towards it. To enter a specific level the player clicks the spinning cube above the character and level platform. I mostly lifted the idea for this type of world map from Crash Bandicoot on the PS1.

World Map

World Map


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