Health Bar, Score, Visual Effects

I’ve added a bunch of new visuals to the game since my last update. It’s actually poor development planning, these kind of things should come much later in the process, once the core of the game has been developed and stable. But i’ve had a rough week and will develop whatever i want damn it. It’s my game. I’m still tweaking the amount of damage taken and received from hitting/collecting items or enemies. Levels are planned to be short dashes and not long sprints …hence the name Donkey Dash. Because of the short play time in-game i am planning to make the HP bar change drastically very quickly so the bar is bouncing from low to high at a vapid pace, to go along with the games fast pace as a whole. But we will see how that plays out as i keep developing.

Picking up the floating balls spawns a star around the player (and adds to the score). Picking up the floating boxes spawns a heart around the player(and regenerates the player’s health, unless at full HP which it will then add to the score). Hitting Crates spawns a hit graphic near the crates the player hit. Hitting an enemy spawns a random text word in comic book fashion similar to what i used in trashtastic(and reduces the player’s health). Throwing a cat now has a smoke animation trail effect (and the cat is able to collect floating spheres and boxes which add to the players score and health, and knock enemies out of the path…the cat is super helpful).


New visuals ("juice")

New visuals (“juice”)


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