Brenden and his review of Blacksmith

Brenden and his review of Blacksmith

So a quick Update on Blacksmith: the game has roughly 2,700 downloads at the time of me posting this and is being featured in the European Computer magazine c’t. It’s really doing amazing and i’m super happy with everything that has come from it and all the people who loved the game. I got some amazing reviews and great feedback from tons of people from all over the world. It’s really encouraging and makes me feel really good with what i’ve chosen as my hobby. I only hope the games i make in the future can bring this much enjoyment to the people who play it in the future.

Except this one guy named Brenden…i don’t like him.

Since Blacksmith i’ve taken a break from programming and just relaxed on my couch for a few weeks. Now i’m back in the mood and making a new infinite running game for Android devices.

This is what i have so far for the game which i’m calling Donkey Dash as of now…You swipe your finger left to jump and swipe your finger right to attack. All other movement is automatic and its main focus will really be the 3-D graphics and art style which hopefully people enjoy. The game will have a comedic-element: the setting has you playing as a crazy old cat lady riding a donkey in search of her miss-placed jewelry. You have to defeat ninja dolphins by throwing your litter of cats at them, all to find your old pieces of jewels. Here is a really quick gif of what i have so far. Thanks for reading!

First ever gif of donkey dash

First ever gif of donkey dash





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