Skill Tree Progress

Skill Tree Icons

Skill Tree Icons


I’ve made up all the icons for Blacksmith’s Skill Tree. There are three branches: Craftsman, Merchant and Enchanter. There are three major skill upgrades and seven minor skill upgrades for each branch. The first, fifth and tenth all unlock major features in the game while the other skill-ups change variables in the players favour. The player will be sent to the skill purchase screen automatically early on in the game once they earn enough coin to purchase their first upgrade. After that the skill tree scene will be accessible at any time by navigating through the header of the game screen. I haven’t worked on the mechanics yet so i can’t share how much each upgrade will cost or exactly what benefits they will give the player.

The skill purchase scene will be very basic focusing all of the information on the three skill branches. The scene will always only show the next current highest level to unlock for each branch. When clicking the icon the price will appear above and a description of the upgrade will appear below. I haven’t decided exactly if i will include a full view of the complete tree yet. Maybe if i redesign the statistics page, which has fallen to the way-side since the social content hasn’t been added to the game yet. It may very well be visible somewhere in the game eventually, although it would serve no real functionality.

This is the last feature i plan to include with Blacksmith. After the skill tree is implemented the game as a whole will be finished and playable as i originally planned. Because of this i will spend a lot of time balancing and tweaking the variables within the skill tree to make sure it all works well the first time released saving the players the hassle of having to download a new update later just for minor bug fixes.

Skill Purchase Scene

Skill Purchase Scene


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