Blacksmith Skill Tree

I have a new version of Blacksmith to release today with some big changes to trading and the value of certain materials, but right now i would like to talk about what i plan for the NEXT update (1.8). One of the last features i plan to add to Blacksmith is the skill tree. It’ll be a tree with three branches (crafting, trading and enchanting) the player will be able to purchase new skill-ups as they make more coin to increase their skills as a Blacksmith. Some skill ideas include: reducing the cost of crafting certain items, increasing the value of crafted items, better trade prices, cheaper crafting costs etc as well as a few “major” skills that i will keep to myself for the time being. It’s very exciting, but for right now i’m finishing up the last couple of tweaks to the 1.7 build which will be out later today!


Skill Tree Icons

Skill Tree Icons


One thought on “Blacksmith Skill Tree

  1. Told you I’d give you a review, played 1.7 just yesterday. Hopefully not too much of it is outdated because you already improved it.

    * Sounds are nice alone, but annoying because of how often you hear them + lack of music
    * Day limit doesn’t seem to actually end the game (but you probably knew that?)
    * Difference between making one thing over another seems non-existent aside from price differences. Mostly feels like the only interesting decision in the game is how many times to upgrade before quitting (and interesting decisions are what you should be focusing on.)
    * “Buy” should probably be changed to “Craft” in the crafting room… Otherwise it makes it seem like you’re not the blacksmith, but rather a dude running around with shit and telling a not-you blacksmith to do the work.
    * Perhaps add a hire-an-adventurer thing where they use the shit you give them, and if they come back alive, you get goodies after a X days?

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