Blacksmith Shop Scene Update + Auto Save Function

I have spent the past several hours today working on improving the statistics found on the bottom of the storefront scene in Blacksmith. I felt the statistics weren’t flushed in with the rest of the design and was an eye sore to look out. I also took the liberty to script in some new booleans which gave me an integer of the exact type of weapons being made. Which can be used for all sorts of purposes but for right now it’s used at the bottom of the shop scene to add some statistics to replace the old ugly text lines.

Comparative Screenshot

Comparative Screenshot


Navigating Shop Scene

Navigating Shop Scene

To see the statistics in the new bottom panel you click on the item you crafted sitting on the store shelf. This gives much more purpose to the shop scene and allows for some fun information to be found. All those old statistics aren’t lost either! They are still being stored in the game code and i will be using them in my next update, i’ll be creating a new statistics page accessible from the main menu screen which will display every material, weapon type and enchantment crafted, as well as the players current high score and his favorite weapon to craft. It’s going to look fantastic and be very useful for the player to use. A huge improvement over the old ugly text lines under the shop scene. I’m very excited to start work on it.  As soon as it is finished i will release the updated version onto Google Play and PC for everybody to try out. Until then you will just have to wait, but it should only be a day or two away.


I’ve also scripted an auto-save function into Blacksmith, now the game will save every time the player switches scenes or crafts a weapon or buys new stock, basically anything that would change a variable in the script calls a function to save the game. This will be great for players because before this function Blacksmith had no save features, and thus you had to play through the whole game in one sitting which can be annoying. This also gives the game longevity, the player can continue to play for a much longer period of time now that they can put it down whenever they want and pick up where they left off last time.


All these features will be included in my next update which should only be a day or two away. Stay tuned for it!



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