New Artwork For Blacksmith Game

Icon Art

Icon Art

It’s been a while since i’ve made any progress on my blacksmith game. I took a short break from developing this game because i was becoming worn out. But today i’m back with some new artwork for the game. At first i hated my personal art style but after seeing it all in the game i feel it has a charm which i’m very happy with. I’ve done all the main icons, i still need to do coins and stars for the item description page, then all that’s left is the main art of all the crafted weapons.  The UI is still lacking information which i haven’t gotten around to fixing yet. I still have many things left of my to-do list before this game is close to release. But  it’s slowly coming together and visually i’m really enjoying it. This is just a short update to let people know i’m still progressing with the game. Thanks for reading.

Icon Art During Gameplay

Icon Art During Gameplay


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