Playable Web Demo of Blacksmith (includes trading)

Trading Scenario

Trading Scenario

Since yesterday i have completed the core mechanics of the bartering system in my new blacksmith game, which now also has its first public alpha release. You can now trade items and coin with a single town, i have yet to add more towns/traders to the map. The bartering system adds some depth to the game without making it over-complicated. It is also absolutely essential for the player to trade and barter if they want to finish the game. The GUI is still missing very important details to help indicate to the player what exactly everything is. Currently the player’s stock is on the left and the merchants stock is on the right hand side of the screen. The numbers on the top of the GUI are days and coin. The blacksmith begins the game with 10 coin, 10 wood, 4 stone and 1 bronze. The player will have to barter and trade and craft and upgrade to gain more coin so that they can afford to buy new materials and craft better items. Just a tip, (unless you get lucky upgrading your crafted items) it is very important to barter early in the game. Wood is a relatively useless crafting material but towns will buy it from you for its many other uses.


Mock-up GUI

Mock-up GUI

Without many GUI indicators the game may be confusing for a blind test. By the time i have improved the game enough to release my next build i’m sure most of the GUI  will be in place so you can properly tell what everything on the screen is. Until that time i’ve quickly drawn up a very crude diagram of all the important GUI elements so that everybody has a better understanding as to what everything is exactly. (sometimes i forget that not everybody i show this game to actually made it, and so has no idea what is happening).

Play the demo in your browser here:





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