Blacksmith Artwork and Inventory System

Today i’m going to show off the new (WIP) background for the game as well as the new inventory and stock system.

Inventory and Stock

Inventory and Stock

I was sick of looking at the plain default background while working on my game and a lot of people have a hard time imagining the whole, complete, picture without first having at least some art work in the game. To create the background i used three texture materials from an open-source photo website. Wood, parchment and brick make up the background. Using my photo-editing skills i added effects cut and crop until i had the layout i wanted. Now the game is pretty to look at and maybe people will complain less. The inventory system is the next big step i have for this game. I was thinking about ways to give the game slightly more depth while keeping it as casual and user-friendly as possible. I had a the idea of adding an inventory and stock management aspect. When the game starts the player will only begin with a few pieces of wood and stone, and of course some coin. The player then has to tactfully trade or buy new material pieces from neighbouring towns to craft more expensive and better quality items. I haven’t added the trading function yet, that will be my next update. I’ve never programmed a bartering system before, it seems daunting at first but it should be manageable since buying, selling and trading is all just maths at the very core. Right now however the inventory system is displayed with a small number above the button on the crafting screen. The player can only craft with materials he has in stock, if a material is out of stock the button is still clickable  and the player can still read the material description, they just wont be able to enter the crafting screen with that material selected. This is visually defined by the colour of the button, which changes dynamically from red to white depending on the current stock levels.


I’ve also updated the scrolling text feature from the last update. Now the text can be skipped if the player wants by pressing any button/tapping anywhere on-screen. My next update will include a demo of the current build. Now that it has some pretty assets the game will seem more like a game and people can play around with the current features.


Skip Description Text

Skip Description Text





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