Blacksmith Game Update (plus loli art?)


Apparently the internet has spoken, and i’m faced with the very real possibility that my game may have to actually contain a loli blacksmith now. I’m not sure what to think.




As for my actual game progress. I’ve become somewhat of a professional at avoiding any real attempt at practising artwork to include in my game.  And the more i avoid art the more coding i get done, and i’ve done a fair bit over the past couple of days. First i’ve added a craft history table of contents. This is a quick easy resource players will be able to check out when they crafting new weapons, it will show them a logged account of everything they have crafted in the game so far. This way they have an idea of what weapons, material and elements they may be neglecting or favouring too much. It also shows how many times they have broken a weapon trying to upgrade item and the total amount of items crafted.

Craft history and Item description text scripts.

Craft history and Item description text scripts.

The next feature i have completed is the item description panel. Which is a panel the players can reach by clicking on any material, weapon or element. The panel will show a picture of the item, its name, it’s worth and the quality/rarity of the item. As well as give a detailed description about the item and some light-hearted lore regarding the world the game takes place in. There are twenty-one descriptions with a total of 1,800 words shared between them all. I may go back and rework the descriptions at a later time but i’m satisfied with them as they are right now. Anyway, really all i can think of doing next is adding a game over scene and a title scene before i have to work on my art. Oh well i could start on background and GUI art first before doing object art work, GUI art isn’t nearly as scary. Who knows what will happen. I’ve included the script in this post that gives the cool gameboy text scrolling effect in the item description presentation. It’s a really simple, but neat effect to give your game a bit more character. Also the stars and coins are place-holder art, just like everything else ever created by me.

blacksmith description test


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