Dynamic Blacksmith Store Assets

Artwork by Edgar Juhkov

Artwork by Edgar Juhkov

It’s been almost a week and over 2,200 lines of code since my last post, in that time i’ve accomplished a lot of progress on my game. So much in fact i’ve lost track of everything i have done since my last update. So instead of simply guessing i’ll post an overview of everything in my game and hopefully cover all the updates i’ve made.

I have since added a day counter, although at the moment there is no consequence or reaction to the number of days a player has while smithing. There still needs to be a lot of play testing before i can decide what day the game should end. I’ve also very crudely added lots of place-holder artwork around the scenes to give a better visual representation of everything taking place in the game. I really do want to stress this is all very crude rough alpha place-holder art, and the game is nowhere near close to being finished. The biggest addition to the game i’ve made thus far is the front-end scene inclusion of the Blacksmith’s shop, where adventuring NPC’s will enter and peruse the store contains. The most important feature in this scene is the fact that all the items around the store will be dynamic and directly related to what the player crafts at the anvil. On the very first day of the game, the store will be empty and there will be no adventures interested in your wares. But each time you create an item, it is then placed somewhere in the store front. The number of items in the store is linked to how many adventures will enter on a daily basis. Other smaller features include place-holder art for each weapon type as well as broken weapons. I’ve also updated the formula for pricing and it’s very balanced now and i’m completely happy with it. The formula is (hiltSalePrice * bladeSalePrice)+(craftHit*bladeSalePrice) for unenchanted weapons and ((hiltSalePrice * bladeSalePrice)* elementSalePrice)+(craftHit*(elementSalePrice*bladeSalePrice)) for enchanted weapons. Each of the individual variables is randomised within a certain range depending on the weapon, material and element type.

Scene Comparison

Scene Comparison

I’ve also added a menu button above my store-end swapping button. These four information nodes (day, wealth, store access, menu access) will now make up the top section of my UI and the format will stay this way across all scenes. The menu, which i haven’t made yet,will¬† be a sort of title screen with a way to reset back to day one, a way to continue on with the current game, a way to exit the application and possibly a how-to-play guide as well (not sure on the last idea yet: if after blind play testing it seems players need a guide i will include one). I still need to create item descriptions which is high on my to-do list and most likely will be in my next update. Otherwise the bulk of the game is vastly complete for this stage, and my plan for this game is to release beta content in episodes or “stages”. Beta Stage One will include weapon smithing and the store front, while Beta Stage Two will be access to armour smithing. Finding a great artist would be amazing at this point. Since the art is what will be the driving force of this game and the main appeal to play. I’m currently asking around the internet for artists, because i really believe this game will be successful. If i can’t find an artist, well my next few updates my very well include pictures of me learning how to do art. Decent art. Polished and commercial standard art. I’m great with a pencil and paper, but never been good with pixels. I guess there is no time like the present to learn a new skill! The green weapons in the footage i am showing are simply there as guides so i know where weapons can end up, and once i start drawing up the shop in detail i’ll know when and where to draw in hooks and hangers etc to make sure the weapons fit seamlessly into the background.

Blacksmith Shop Dynamic Weapon Script

Blacksmith Shop Dynamic Weapon Script


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