New Game Under Development

With the completely unsuccessful release of my last game i have since started work on my next casual game. This time the concept is much smaller and the execution will be much simpler and so the whole process should take only a fraction of the time it took me to complete Trashtastic.  The concept is to create a simple click based crafting game using a theme inspired by the fantasy genre. I do not have a name for this new game yet but currently it is called Project Blacksmith. Essentially all the player does is buy raw materials, mix and match them together to create different combinations of items. There will be a QTE (quick-time-event) mini-game to represent the actual crafting process. But otherwise it is a very menu driven game. Progression will be represented via currency. The player will start with a small lump sum of coin, and will need to tactfully decide which materials to buy and craft to create items worth selling. Using the money earned from the sold items he can by more materials and the cycle repeats. There will be a few small “progression levels” throughout the game, as the player reaches a certain amount of coin he will be able to upgrade his blacksmith and in turn have access to even more items. Although the game will not be very complex. To add challenge to the game the player will only be given a set number of turns represented as “days” to see how much coin they can generate. This concept is very simple but i believe will prove to be effective in captivating players.

Basic Alpha Game Footage

Basic Alpha Game Footage


Snippets from Main Script

Snippets from Main Script

I’ve broken up the main script into small cut away pieces to just show the basic idea, all i removed was repetitive code that really wasn’t needed to show my points. Firstly i’ll explain what each boolean is used for. The first is my FULL boolean, i use this boolean to tell the game when a material slot has been “filled” it’s a safe-guard to make sure a player isn’t able to click the craft button unless he has all the required materials, in this case a blade, hilt and element. The other is my HIT boolean, this boolean is used to know when the player clicks or “hits” any button on the screen, it’s also used to un-select any button if clicked twice. Each time a player presses a button, four actions are created: that button has been “HIT”, that material has been “FILLED”, a Texture2D has been drawn and all remaining buttons from that material group are deactivated.

I still need to include a script for currency, otherwise this is my first update for my new game. Like i said, it is going to be much simpler and shouldn’t take as long. Thanks for reading!


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