Sound Editing

I’ve recently finished editing all the sound files for TRASHTASTIC. All sound effects such as jumping, hitting, and collecting trash are now finished and i am satisfied with their results. I sourced all my background music from a website called incompetech created by Kevin MacLeod and took the time to edit the files as needed to suit the levels in my game. I used a program called Audacity to edit all sound in my game, it’s very light-weight but powerful software that is available for free and helped polish out my sounds perfectly. I’m no professional sound editor at all, mostly i used the program for cutting, trimming, and altering the decibel of tracks. You can listen to one of the edited tracks here:

Sound Editing in Unity3d

Sound Editing in Unity3d

Now that sound is fully implemented into my game i only have to do some small bug tests and the game will be complete and ready to be uploaded onto the googleplay store! I had some delays but it’s all finally coming together and going to happen. I’m getting very exciting as my project is finally becoming a reality!

Sound Editing in Audacity

Sound Editing in Audacity


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